About "The Spouse"

November Eleventh Spouse...

is started from a merry married couple. We are two of a kind who mutually share our loves of fashion and travel. We are totally not fashion experts but we love doing fashion in our own style as the style appreciators.

We just live our lives simply happiest!
Do whatever we love, love like there is no tomorrow, go wherever our hearts wanna be, dress in style and see everything through the lens to share our lifestyles & experiences on "November11th Spouse"!


Husband said:
I'm a simple guy who wanna do nothing but to deeply love my charming wife and to always be by her side no matter what. I love traveling with my wife, gaining more life experiences and growing together in every moment of our lives. I know nothing about fashion, just wake up and wear anything I want to, that's my style!

Wife said:
I don't know how much I love my husband, just wanna take best care of him. How best I did for him, how much I always think it wasn't enough. I feel so special when he hugs, kisses and tells me how much he loves me. My world is so beautiful when he wakes me up by kissing my forehead and I've never been so tired while walking and have his hand holds me tightly. Never need anyone else but him. My search was stopped since we were together.
From my perspective, fashion trends are my inspiration sources, I rather create my own style and enjoy my trial and error!


Spouse said:
We met each other in 2005 while we were studying in the university. The relationship was started and we officially married on November 11th!


Almost of the posted pictures were taken by us.Thanks for visiting and I do appreciate all feedback.


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